All in all the best way to describe Velentium would be the sum of our name and our values. 


Our Name

Velentium = Velocity + Momentum + Ingenium (the Latin word for Talent)

  • Velocity: we believe that our pace is staggering.  Our staff can't just be fast - they have to ENJOY SPEED.  

  • Momentum: with a culture of CONTINUITY (the project manager on your project stays on your project) and CONSISTENCY (projects are run through a proven process that is documented and adhered to), you can be assured that your project will keep moving.

  • Ingenium (Talent): our team goes beyond capability.  We see talent as the ability to link technologies, to understand your problem, to ask penetrating questions, and to guide the problem-solving process.


Our Values

At Velentium, our values govern all that we do.  Everyone on our team will make decisions that are consistent with our three values.  You can count on rapid and predictable decisions because everyone in the company is empowered to make decisions in accordance with our values.  We call it "You Decide" and we hope you find the enpowerment refreshing.  Are you speaking to the decision maker on your project in any given conversation?  Because of "You Decide" the answer is ABSOLUTELY!

Honorable    We do Right for Right's sake
We will make decisions that are based on right and wrong.  That means that you'll always know the status of your project.  That means that you'll be told when something is out of scope before we make any changes.  That means that we will be punctual.  That means that we will do everything in our power to treat you like we would like to be treated.

Results++    We get things done and then some
It isn't enough around here to be average.  It isn't enough to "do the job".  Our staff pride themselves in delighting clients with their work.  We want to be that supplier experience where you walk away saying "WOW!".  We aren't really interested in one project with you and your colleagues.  We are interested in decades of relationship that is fueled by Results++.

Humble Charisma    We strive to be the kind of people others want to be around
There are charismatic people in this world that tell you all about it.  There are humble people in this world that never get noticed.  We want both!  At the end of an engagement, we hope that you like our staff hor who they are and not just what they have accomplished.  We want to get to know you and hope you enjoy getting to know us.  After all, it's people that make up businesses - and we LIKE people!