In the energy industry today, operating efficiently is more critical than ever. Fortunately, opportunities to increase efficiency are also more plentiful than ever – with the advent of new technologies for automating the processes associated with the decades-old challenge of getting oil and gas out of the ground.

Teaming up with the right technology partner to develop oilfield products can mean significant savings for upstream oil and gas companies. Teaming up with the wrong one can mean equally significant costs – right at a time when you can least afford the loss.

Velentium has built strong and enduring relationships working with dozens of upstream companies to develop and test oilfield products that have to deliver efficient performance in increasingly demanding environments.

From the literal pressures exerted by new methods of extracting resources, to the regulatory pressures of growing compliance requirements, to the impending departure of seasoned talent, the industry faces tremendous challenges today that our electronics and software solutions tackle head-on.

Velentium stands apart, with systems that perform as promised – no small feat in a world where budgets are too often bloated and deadlines too often blown. We know you can't afford to risk one extra dollar or wait one extra day for technology that may or may not deliver what you need. So we do whatever it takes to make sure you don't.

It's not easy to grow upstream revenue profitably today. But it's possible, with Velentium as your partner in developing rugged, reliable oilfield products that drive efficiency and productivity in this critical time.