project partnership
- rapid solutions
- expert software development
- fresh approaches and ideas
an extension to your organization
- use only when you need the help

Why Velentium?  Because before anything else - we are PROJECT PARTNERS.  Lots of firms will build you exactly what you ask for.  We will not stop asking questions until we understand your problem as well as you do.  Then, we will engage with you and work to get you the best solution.

At the core of our culture are our VALUES.  

Honorable   We will do Right for Right's sake
Results++   We will deliver and then some
Humble Charisma   We will strive to be the kind of people you want to be around

We want to solve your project needs.  And if we get the opportunity to serve you - you'll experience a PROVEN PROCESS that consistently delivers results.  We are a certified professional engineering company that combines engineering discipline with flexible architecture & creative design.  And, our process is ISO 9001 certified.

We look forward to talking with you soon!