At the most generic level, we serve two "industries".  TEST SYSTEMS and PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT .  

Test Systems

We design and build verification test systems (software and hardware).  At the design level, our systems qualify new designs and assist in R&D for future designs.  On the manufacturing floor, our systems test subcomonents and conduct final product verification.  We have a full panel shop with mechanical and electrical design capabilities.

Product development

We design electronic, application software, and firmware based products.  Our solutions involve interation, prototyping, mock-ups, and full scale products.  We believe that simplicity = elegant = intuitive.  Simple is not easy... but SIMPLE IS WORTH IT!   Our designs often become platforms that yotu can innovate around for years to come.




High pressures to 60,000 psi, high temperatures to 600 degrees F, Class I Div II certification, API compliant test reports

Consumer Electronics

Test throughput, product intuitiveness, remote support, language translation, remote updates, IP protection


We have an ECMP program, understand decade+ life cycles, high channel count, and high speed control/acquisition