An optics company based on technology developed in the university laboratory setting needed a product grade interface to improve marketability of highly technical equipment.


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Our customer developed a one-of-a-kind broadband optical dispersion measurement system known as Chromatis. These optical measurements are inherently difficult to make and are normally done by highly skilled personnel using very complex instruments. Our customer desired to move this measurement from the research laboratory to the production floor. To do so, they required software that would not only perform the instrumentation interface and data analysis, but also make this complicated and flexible instrument easy to use. The software allows our customer to market Chromatis to a much wider customer base.


We developed a control system and user interface in LabVIEW that runs on a standard, off-the-shelf PC. The PC interfaces to the Chromatis instrument through a USB interface to control a high precision motion axis and high speed data acquisition.  The software acquires and analyzes data from photo sensors to generate various optical dispersion graphs.

The user interface provides both advanced and step-by-step measurement modes allowing operators of all levels of experience to accurately perform the measurements. The software guides the user through both mechanical setup and self-calibration steps. Data generated during testing is saved to file and displayed on 6 customizable graphs. The data can be used as references for future measurements or used to generate reports that can be provided as manufacturing test reports.


The customer had developed a product that made highly technical optical measurements easy, accessible, and repeatable.  As a Prism Award Finalist, Chromatis was widely recognized for its superior technical innovation.  By creating a product-grade user interface, Velentium improved the marketability of the product and enabled the customer to move their product from the research-lab setting into a wider, more profitable market. 

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