When you begin a new effort with traceability in mind, it makes everything flow.  From needs, to requirements, to design, to coding, to verification - you can be certain that you have captured everything.  It is a great feeling to really "own" a process that you have seen produce stellar results again and again.

There are lots of macro-level social and economic factors that seem to carry us all along in their current. Those of us in Houston were enjoying high oil prices – as it bolsters the local economy. Now, the chief industry in our land has taken an involuntary 60% price reduction in less than 8 months. How do you protect yourself and your organization from adverse global trends?

Why is custom software so much more efficient for an organization?

Good programming does require talented individuals who can write code well, but in actuality it also requires much more. No matter how talented a programmer is, their code will not be excellent until it has been produced within a framework of solid software design procedures.  What comes to mind when you think of a software programmer?

At Velentium, we hold to three Core Values:
• Honorable
• Results ++
• Humble Charisma

When we founded Velentium, we spent a lot of time talking about our values. This wasn't just a rote exercise because all of the business books told us to do it (though, they all do!) We knew that if we could get the values down just right—simple, clear descriptions of who we are—it would give us a solid foundation on which to move forward. We came up with three: Honorable, Results ++, and Humble Charisma.